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Can’t speak highly enough of Simon Creedy. He is very professional, prompt and highly recommended. Simon goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are happy and always provides a very impressive result – always lovely to work with you Simon. 
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Candice Pederson

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Graphic Design Services


Logo Design

I have been for many years a designer of logos and brand Identity.

Logo design is a skill that requires empathy and collaboration. A truly successful logo must have the blessing of all concerned and that includes the decision maker within the organisation, The appoval of the team that supports the organisation and the clients who buy or use services from the organisation.

By asking and asnwering questions while designing the logo solutions can be arrived at to perfectly fit a logo to the company.


Business Cards

After the logo a company may require a business card. This requires that all the address and contact details are worked out and ready to go. The Card is a mini brochure and the quality of it reflects the company. Every endeavour must be made to produce the very best quality business card.



 A letterhead is quickly developed from the logo and the cards details.

This is a crucial document that is likely to be used for the length the business is being run. It is the cornerstone for the Invoice, the Purchase Order, the Fax and of course all correspondance leaving the organisation. It is a legal document and requires the full name of the company and the abn.

This is not a document to be underestimated. 



Planning an event can require something a little special by way of a unique and intriging invitation.

A lot rides on the design of this document so it is important to get the flavour and feel of it just right



A flyer is often necessary to get a local business that has street appeal off the ground.

It can offer a very classy way of getting your image in front of your neighbourhood. It can draw people to you buy offering something for a limited time.

It might just need to say something loudly.

Flyers can get you noticed. Talk to me to find out the best format for your company.


Brochures and Catalogues

A brochure or catalogue is a great way to demonstrate your services or products.

People often require a little pursuasion to purchase something that might be slightly more complex or detailed.

It might carry with it a larger price tag and require much more confidence to fan a need into a requirement... and then into a purchase.

Layout is important especially where details may be complex or require illustrations, diagrams or images to make the point clearer or more emphasised.


Posters, Banners, and Aframes

Information that is used to describe a company from a distance needs to be eyecatching and simple.

The reader needs to quickly be directed to the part of the image that is relative to there interest.

Often you have a persons attention for seconds and in that time you need to generate a desire for action.

This may include entering a premises or simply making a mental note to follow up later or jot down a phone number or web address.


Mobile Websites

Design and Layout for a mobile website is important. New websites now resize to allow the conent to be easily readable on a mobile device. It is crucial that they are not overly wordy. That the images and elements within them resize well and the information is clearly signposted.

Your client will often go to a website with a particular need in mind. This might well be to gain information that is relevant to your contact.

It might be to check out a new product or service. What ever they need it must be easy to find.


Property Signage

Simple and easy to read signage is important to get your company noticed.

Using areas clearly and optimally will allow your message to be read and attractive and distance.

Good signage can make or break your company. Never estimate the difference a well chosen image could make


Vehicle Signage

The visibility of your company can be greatly enhanced with mobile graphics. The image needs to be quickly identifiable and easy read.



Standing out in a publication can sometimes require quite a dramatic tone. Sometimes the best adverts are the ones that get you noticed next to your competitors.

An ad should consider what the client is really looking for. For example, Experience, Quality, Price, Skill, Discount, Speed of Timing, Efficiency, Locality, Availability.

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