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After working for 30 years in Logo Design, Packaging, Brochures, Photography and Marketing. This is really a very thumbnail view of some of the current work.

I have focused primarily on logo design and logotype. If you would like to see any other types of work I would be more than happy to show them to you.

GB Landscapes
David Geddes Brown, a Sydney Landscape Artist approached me for something catchy and clever that could be used in conjunction with a website. After about 4 hours work we came up with a suitable logo.


Sunglasses Concepts Company
Approached by a friend of a friend to design a logo that could be used on a range of logos used in the packaging of some imported 'Sunnies'. A great selling range and a happy client.


Elemi Beauty Products
The client requested the use of a pendant symbol to create a logo that would be suitable for a range of beauty products.


Cookieholics Natural Butter Cookies
Full flavour large cookies packaged in a transparent film. The client wanted them to jump of the shelf. Thought was put into a carnival/circus look .


Fintech Global Recruitment
The client had an idea... using clouds as the globe. In a collaborative effort we worked on a few different designs before finally getting to this logo.


IT Canary - Catch the con man
One of my clients had an idea that by having a registry of conmen on the internet and a stage for reporting them that he would make a valuable service to the community. He loved what we came up with.


Mobile Eye Cllinic
My client needed a highly visible identity that could be used on the side of a vehicle. It needed to be ethical as well.


Gibson ADR
Paul Gibson, mentor and expert in dispute resolution required a punchy, quality logo that would work well on a letterhead, cards and website. He was particularly happy with the 3d knot


BNT Smash Repair
The client was very much an artist and with the help of a sketch we produced the wings. This is one of my favourite logos. Brad is an excellent car repairer and a very good friend.


Child and Family Psychology
A beauitfully simple logo with a wonderfully friendly feel. A timeless logo that looks great on a letterhead and website..


Blumont Capital - Financier
Quality logo required for a money based business. A slightly regal treatment seemed to be required. The client was very satisfied.


Cheetah Security Services
The logo originally was a little similar to this. The cheetah drawing was very unrealistic and the font was a little weak.


Dr Kirsten Rose - Psychologist
Dr Kirsten Rose came to see me with a very creative idea. We produced together a beautiful and enchanting website and corporate identity. This was one of my favourite peices of work. The website had a feather that actually looked like it was being blown by a breeze.


The client was fitness instructor who's nickname was rhino. He loved the idea of an illustrated running rhino. The logo needed to show effort, strenth and commitment.



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