Looking for a Logo Design

Ok you are starting a new business and you need a Logo.

Things to consider when designing your logo

  • The use of your Logo, it’s ability to be scaled up in size without resolution loss, numbers of colours and ease of use?

  • Visibility and differentiation of the Logo - does my logo stand out enough from my competition and is that important to me

  • Cost - I need a good Logo but I don’t want to spend a lot of money - or - I need a great Logo and I am happy to spend a little more to get it right

  • Can I talk to my Logo designer! Is he/she listening to me? will I get what I want?

I can promise you that when we design a Logo together, we will address each one of these requirements and give you a Logo to be proud of.




About Simon Creedy

In the past 25 years I have gone from Junior to Senior Graphic Artist, Layout Artist, Typographer, Creative Director, Packager, Print Coordinator, Photographer and a lot more... in fact experience, I believe is my main strength.

I have also worked with many industry sectors including Real Estate, the Beauty Industry, Computers and IT, Children, Consulting and Strategy, Musical, Medical, Surgical, Electrical, Construction, Design, Technological and a lot more.

I am now 50 and have over 30 year’s experience working in Logo Design, Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing of which 18 of those years are in my own successful business.        

How can I make a difference to you?

  • I offer the best possible value to you because I am extremely good at what I do and don't waste time

  • I have plenty of experience so there is always an idea to explore

  • I work very efficiently on a computer and you will never be overcharged (in fact I often spend a few minutes just tweaking your Logo with no additional time charged)

  • I work to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Your budget is always discussed before any work is undertaken so you will know where you are with your money at all times

  • I work from home and therefore I am able to offer you a better deal

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your ideas and thoughts.




Logo Design - how it works

The Process of Logo Design

Normally the logo design process is started with a phone call or an email enquiry and then a phone call.
I briefly talk about the client’s logo requirement, the company message, the feel and look that the client might like to have.

If the client knows what they want the process is somewhat more direct.
If not I suggest the client takes a look at Google images... typing in the search word "logo" and looking through the many examples they have.

This usually helps to get the ball rolling and I then suggest we meet for the actual design process.

Designing a Logo with me isn’t always possible but the positives are numerous.

  • You get to what you want faster and for far less cost

  • You get to help choose colours and fonts from a vast selection

  • We have time to go through some ideas together that otherwise you may not get to see as I will only put forward the ideas I feel are working... so the process of Logo Design will be far more creative and interesting

  • You save money from wasted time sending images backwards and forwards and getting quickly to an approved Logo

The initial consultation if FREE and I only actually charge from time spent designing your Logo with you.

I will always make it very clear once the consultation is finished and the design work begins.

Call Simon Creedy - Sydney Graphic Design - on 02 9427 0632 or 0411 888 478 or Email


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